Friday, December 31, 2010

Health and Beauty From The Rainforests

The concept of ramuan (meaning a “mix of ingredients” in Malay) is ingrained in the Malaysian mentality. Referring to the herbal mixtures that Malaysians regularly imbibe to promote health, beauty and balance in their daily lives, it can also refer to the mix of cultures that comprise modern-day Malaysia.

It is this rich knowledge and culturally diverse system that the book covers in depth. It postulates that these ancient secrets, healing wisdoms, age-old recipes and health-giving practices, culled from 100 percent natural sources, are more relevant today than ever before. Indigenous, Malay, Chinese and Indian traditions that have adapted in Malaysia’s diverse rain forest environment are all showcased in depth, with a particular emphasis placed on women’s health. Assembled for the first time in one single collection and drawing on years of work by a team of Malaysian and international scholars, traditional healthcare practitioners and scientists. The book contains a plethora of new insights into natural ways to maintain health, vigour and radiance.

In addition to historical and sociological assessments of the practices, there is also a long chapter on where to go to experience some of these age-old formulae. Increasingly finding their way into spas in Malaysia - be it a Malay-style spa, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, an Ayurvedic retreat or an establishment offering some or more or the above. it is an industry to watch out for. The book outlines what to expect in these spas what to look out for, where to go, what is special on the menu.

Furthermore, the “box copy” that is liberally interspersed throughout the book will intrigue readers. Taking the form of individual explanations of key botanicals, historical anecdotes and stories, in-depth analyses of plant science, first-person accounts and more, they add colour and variety to what is already a rich and detailed book. Up-to-date statistics and what to expect in the future form the conclusion.

The overall aim of any of Malaysia’s ramuan is the optimisation of mind, body and spirit: whether the experience is geared towards fitness, beauty, rejuvenation, longevity, relaxation and stress reduction or a combination thereof is irrelevant. It is thought that anybody interested in alternative health, natural products, spa treatments, the environment and ancient healing will benefit from the book. It is truly a treasure trove of valuable information and the time is right to share this with the world.
Published by Biotropics Malaysia Bhd

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Musa Yaacob said...

I am proud to be one of the contributer to the book